Welcome Traveller, to the Lands of Aos


The Fates seem to have brought you here oh-mighty one. You clearly wish to join the Game Tester League and contribute to the improvements of the fantasy RPG Quests of Kh’Aos. Play testing begins in September, 2023. If you are here to explore the  amazing realms of Aos, continue by clicking on the Join button (that one over there). The fate of the Lands of Aos rests in your hands.

The Legend of the Aos

In the beginning, beyond the memory of all who live or have ever lived, the 12 major species were created by the gods of Kh’Aos. For an age uncounted, the world prospered as the 12 races grew and matured under the divine guidance of those they served.

Then came the Corruptor, the Old One, the Outsider, the one of no Real Name, the Arcane Chaos. It came from the heavens in a storm of molten rock and brimstone, ash and flame, and landed on Kh’Aos, creating Amon Deep, the Great Rift.

From that moment, chaotic arcane magic grew and permeated this world and connected two additional planes of magic to Kh’Aos. The realms were Zeph’Aos, the Land of Light and Leaf, and Grav’Aos, the Deepest Dark.  

The invasion of the arcane magical realms had begun, corrupting the best laid plans of the divine Gods of Kh’Aos, who now fight the Immortal Wars, trying to overcome the magical corruption.

Since the great corruption, arcane magic has flowed freely through all things, from the smallest insects, to the mortal races, to the mountains and skies. Chaos rules the realms as there is no way to effectively predict or control the magic of the world. Only at a personal level has some control been utilized

But at what cost?