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Vision Statement

The goal of Planet Khaos Games is to create a world where gamers can participate in the discovery, exploration, role playing, and content building.

A new game system has been created, drawing inspiration from existing popular games, that will be used for the adventuring tier of game play.

Tenets of this Game System

Every design decision that has been made when developing this game system has had these Tenets in mind. These represent the core values of the game.

• Simplicity - distill game mechanics to their simplest implementation.
• Smooth, fluid play-through, especially during combat.
• Maximum player choice for character customization and flavoring.
• Balanced and meaningful character progression.
• Caps and limits. No god-level powers. No super heroes.
• Game play variety - exploration, role playing, and combat.
• Turn Based (When Possible) - to allow all players equal opportunity to participate.

Planet Khaos Games and the Fantasy Core Rules Game System

Planet Khaos Games serves as the publisher and trustee of The Fantasy Core Rules Game System.

The Fantasy Core Rules will be distributed under a Creative Commons License. FREE for all to use in their own campaign worlds. FREE for all to use to build their own 3rd-party products. No strings. No mess.

What Game Testers Are Saying

"This is my first time trying an RPG! The story was super involving and fun. Loved the character creation and the variety of it however, it did take me a little time to learn all my abilities and skills. But once passed that, I watched my character grow as the game progressed. My favorite part of the game was fighting all the different types of monsters and creatures & figuring out the mysteries in the towns we visited. My least favorite thing was when I rolled the dice to see how much money I started with... (I was the poorest in my group). I highly recommend it to all different types of gamers, especially if you have a fun group of friends or gamers who are willing to try something new and exciting!"
Independent Game Tester
"Quests of Kh'Aos is a triumph on multiple fronts. With exceptional art, a captivating storyline, and a fun-filled atmosphere when played with friends, it's a must-play for any D&D/RPG enthusiast. My hat's off to the creators for creating a game that not only showcases their talent but also provides an unforgettable gaming experience. If you're looking for a new adventure to embark on with your friends, Quests of Kh'Aos should be at the top of your list. Prepare for a journey full of laughter, strategy, and memorable moments that will linger for a while."
Independent Game Tester
"Smooth and engaging combat, gripping story and more world building flexibility than any other RPG"
Independent Game Tester

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