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December 26, 2023
Quests of Kh’Aos Core Rules Handbook

Your Gateway to Boundless Adventures

Delve into the features and uniqueness of the Quests of Kh’Aos rule set. Discover how this open-source game system empowers both creators and players, allowing you to shape your own epic tales in the Lands of the Aos. Highlight the rich lore, adaptable gameplay, and player-centric design of Quests of Kh’Aos.

You are paying for the artistic design and formatting of the Quests of Kh’Aos Rules Handbook which directly supports Planet Khaos and allows us to produce more content for you. If you prefer the white label FREE rule set instead, follow this link: FREE Rulebook

Or, For a one-time purchase of $10, you will receive the PDF of this rule set, and have access to all the upcoming additions that are planned.

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